About Us
Shel-Den Tarps

   We are a small company that was formed out of finding a solution  for picking up the
trimmings created from pruning a bush or hedge, while keeping the trimmings out of the
decorative landscape bedding material, and making it adjustable so that it could be made
to go in a circle around a bush, in a straight line, in an L-shape or many other
configurations, whatever the job may require.

How it all got started
   I, Dennis Frommeyer was trimming the bushes in front of my house one day and I told
my wife, Michelle, "I wish there was something available to make it easier to clean up the
trimmings from pruning a bush and to keep the trimmings out of the bedding material".
She told me to invent something. So, after doing some research and finding that there
was nothing available out there, I came up with the Pruning Partner.
I made a paper model of my idea and I decided it would work. So, my wife and I made a
prototype of it. The first time I used it, I was so impressed and satisfied with how well it
worked, I decided  to patent it and have them mass produced.
When we first started to market them, the tarp was called The Snip-Snip adjustable bush
trimming tarp. After talking with my preacher one day about our tarp, he called on the
phone later and told me that he and his wife had come up with a better name, The Pruning
Partner. I thought it sounded better and was much shorter, so we decided to change the
name. This is how it all got started.

                 Dennis and Michelle Frommeyer